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About us
Ltd “Sernur experimantal production plant” (Ltd “SOPZ”), which is located in the Republic of Mari El, began its activity in the early 70’s and was producing mixed fodder and feed mixtures. After the reconstruction in 2000, the enterprise has significantly improved its quality and increased the volume of the products’ output.
Main activity area
The main activity area is the production of high-quality protein and vitamin supplements, which are the source of assimilable protein, vitamin and mineral substances for all types of farm animals and poultry. It contains all essential vitamins, amino acids, macro and microelements as well as ferments that make feed to be digested and assimilated.
Our feed supplements (fodder yeast, pelletized grass meal) help to balance animal feed, increase the biological value of fodder, first of all of plant origin. It contains complete protein, vitamins and mineral substances in optimum size. Experienced research and long-standing practice of yeast feeding have proven their high efficiency.

In livestock breeding fodder yeast increases the weight gain, cut expenses on animal fodder per unit of weight, reduces the breeding durability, increases milk yielding capacity, improves general well-being.
In poultry farming, use of fodder yeast increases egg-laying capacity and poultry weight gain.

To estimate nutritional qualities and safety of goods each production lot is tested on a wide range of biochemical indicators in specialized research institutions and in our own laboratory.
SOPZ Ltd makes chemico-toxicological, bacteriological and radioactive impurity examination once a quarter.
Moreover, each production lot is examined by Federal veterinary and phytosanitation control service in Nizhni Novgorod Region and in Mari El Republic.
Our task
Obtaining inexpensive products for end-users is the main goal of livestock producers and feed producers, which is achieved, first of all, by using fodder and fodder additives at affordable price.
That is why to produce supplements of high quality and at affordable price is task set for today by Sernur experimental plant.
The company cooperates with agro-industrial complexes, breeding farms, poultry farms, pig farms, animal farms, etc. on the whole territory of Russia. Also SOPZ extensively cooperates with agricultural enterprises from European Union (EU) countries, the Customs Union countries, Serbia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Georgia and MENA countries.

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